4 Pack Reusable Grocery Bags with attached pouch

4 Pack Reusable Grocery Bags with attached pouch

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For those who like to plan ahead and save big in the process. Get 50% off on your fourth bag when you purchase a pack of four!

Beautiful & Recyclable

Choose from a beautiful selection of Ocean Inspired themes in our Coralis range

Carry up to 25kg

Thanks to Nereiva’s Rip Resistant Fabric with Reinforced Double Seam Stitching

Effortlessly folds into a small pouch

which can be stored in a handbag, a pocket or car glove box, ready for when you need it

Easy to keep clean and sanitary

handwash or machine wash in cold water without any worries

Unpacking with Nereiva:
The Eco-Friendly Reusable Bag Revolution!


We put one in each of our cars for last minute grocery shopping or bulky items. These bags can be crumpled up into a small pouch built in to the bag so you’ll never have to worry about losing the pouch. If it gets dirty, we just throw it in the washing machine and then hang dry. It is not bulky as your typical grocery reusable bags and very light. The fabric thickness is similar to a nylon shell jacket for running, but it is strong.

Steve K.


Spacious yet foldable

I’ve been on the hunt for a good, durable shopping bag for a while and this one ticks all the boxes. It’s spacious yet foldable, and the fact that it’s made from recycled plastic gives me peace of mind about my eco-footprint.


We travel to the Caribbean at least twice a year and grocery stores on island typically don’t have free bags to use for your grocery items. These reusable shopping bags are easy to pack in your suitcase as they fold up small enough to fit right in your pocket or the palm of your hand. It comes in a four pack. You can throw them in the washing machine if you need to clean them. I don’t mind taking these along since it helps cut down on ocean pollution.

Leslie Marvin

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