The New Eco Foldable Shopping Bag,
Sustainably Stylish.

Post-consumer recycled

Our bags are made from Recycled Plastic which has been transformed into premium quality material.

Beautiful & Recyclable

Choose from a beautiful selection of Ocean Inspired themes in our Coralis range

Carry up to 25kg (55lbs)

Thanks to Nereiva’s Rip Resistant Fabric with Reinforced Double Seam Stitching

Effortlessly folds into a small pouch

which can be stored in a handbag or car glove box, ready for when you need it

Easy to keep clean and sanitary

handwash or machine wash in cold water without any worries

Reduce – For Planet Earth

Thanks for helping clean up our planet and for being a part of the solution. By choosing Nereiva, you’re championing a cleaner, greener Earth. Each purchase plays a part in diverting plastic waste from landfills and oceans. Plus, you’re actively reducing the demand for new virgin plastic and curbing the environmental toll of this energy-intensive sector. Thank you for being
a catalyst for change.

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